Berkley Days Are Here!

Carnival, teas and so much more

By Karen Evans, Publisher May 19, 2017

Growing up as a student at Anderson Middle School in Berkley, nothing signaled the coming end of the school year more than watching the setup of the annual Berkley Days carnival outside our classroom windows. (The other great signal was that I was ready to stare at fair construction rather than pay attention to science class). The annual tradition returns this weekend, with all kinds of family fun! Check out our recommendations and info right here:


It all takes place at 2400 Robina in the Ice Rink/Community Center area

Event Highlights

Volunteer Showcase on Friday from 5-8. Learn about all kinds of great ways to volunteer around town! Great for high schoolers looking to meet NHS or other community service hours, families looking to volunteer together and others.

Bike Safety Poster Contest on Friday from 5-8. Kids in pre-K through 5th grade can design posters to raise awareness about safe biking and bring them to the Ice Arena where the posters will be hung up for all to see. Make sure your child's name, school name, grade and teacher's name are on the back of the poster. Winning posters will be displayed at the Lids for Kids event on June 10.

Princess Tea Party on Sunday at 1 p.m. Enjoy tea and snacks in your royal best! ($)

Jedi Training on Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Train to fight the good fight with your Jedi master! ($)

Ride the Rides

The Skerbek Family Carnival has their rides set up for the weekend! The rides available and their ticket and height requirements are:

  • ā€‹Berry Go Round - 3 tickets - must be 42" tall to ride alone, or 36" tall to ride with an adult
  • Bulgy - 2 tickets - must be shorter than 48" tall
  • Sky Fighter - 2 ticketsĀ - must be shorter than 48" tall
  • Mission to Mars -Ā 2 ticketsĀ - must be shorter than 48" tall
  • Motorcycle Jump -Ā 3 tickets - must beĀ 36" tall
  • Pirate Ship -Ā 3 ticketsĀ - must beĀ 36" tallĀ 
  • Gravitron - 4 ticketsĀ - must be 42" tallĀ 
  • SlideĀ -Ā 3 ticketsĀ - must be 42" tallĀ 
  • Air Raid - 5 ticketsĀ - must be 48" tallĀ 
  • FireballĀ - 4 ticketsĀ - must be 48" tallĀ 
  • TobogganĀ - 4 ticketsĀ - must be 52" tallĀ 
  • TwisterĀ - 4 ticketsĀ - must be 52" tallĀ 

Buy individual tickets at the fair, or get a wristband online in advance!

Even More

There is also a craft show, petting zoo, robotics demos and much more! See it all here:Ā

If you go...

tell us about it! Your recommendations and lessons learned are SO helpful to other parents in the community! Post on Facebook or tag us on Twitter or Instagram (@mackidferndale on both) to share what you recommend at Berkley Days this weekend!