GIANT fun for your backyard or picnic!

DIY crafts on a larger scale are fun for the whole family!

By Karen Evans, Publisher May 26, 2017

The nerdy side of me has always been interested in things that are a little off-scale. I am in love with miniatures and follow a super interesting Facebook group where people make miniatures out of everyday items. I also get a kick out of seeing large-scale versions of things that are usually smaller. Which is why after seeing a Facebook post about creating a giant set of Lincoln Logs using pool noodles, I dove into Pinterest to see what other large-scale versions of popular activities people have done. And just look what I found! These items would be SO much fun at a picnic, family reunion, or just for playing in the backyard. The great thing is, these activities hold the interest of adults and kids alike, creating an opportunity for engaged family togetherness. What a perfect way to head into summer!

Check out the finds below. I'll share what we end up making ourselves, and would love to see if you have taken on any of these challenges yourself! Send me a pic at or post on our Facebook page or tag us on Insta or Twitter using #mackidferndale ! Some of the projects below are very DIY, and some are "DIY if you have the right tools/expertise."  Which I know some of you have for sure!

Giant "Lincoln Logs"
Use pool noodles to create huge Lincoln Logs for backyard building! You can even take an extra step and make them look like logs! Here is a Pin explaining what you need to do, but be warned -- the image they used is NOT an image of pool noodles. It's an image of a toy you can purchase with heavier material than pool noodles and at a considerably higher cost. This is how they set us up for Pinterest fails, people! This Pin does a better job of showing how the notches look once you cut them into the noodles.

Giant "Connect Four"
Of course, for trademark reasons this is called "Four in a Row." These plans from The Home Depot give you the details on how to put together your own wood version of that childhood favorite. 

DIY Yard "Yahtzee"
A bucket + these giant dice would be fun for a grownup party or for playing with kids!

DIY Lawn "Twister"
I would argue that Twister is already on a huge scale, but -- if you want a more durable version than the plastic sheet, here are a couple of options: a blanket-type version or one painted right on the lawn. {Avoid that last one if your father-in-law or father is lawn-obsessed and will be visiting at any point soon, haha}

Giant Kerplunk
This one looks to be on the easier scale of project difficulty. A tomato cage + plastic balls + sticks + a stand = giant kerplunk! Here is one tutorial and here is another.

Giant Bubbles
Making a giant bubble wand is pretty easy, and getting the bubble mix just right might take some tweaking but it's so much fun!

Giant Croquet
Croquet is already an outside game, but how fun to kick instead of demurely hitting that mallet. Maybe if the Heathers had played this version, they would have had so much less angst! 

Giant Memory Game
This article gives you printables and stencils, and they are lovely! Super fun way to get some gross motor work in for those little ones, but also fun for all ages.

Enjoy your backyard, picnic or other outdoor plans, whatever scale you're working with!